How to Grow Strawberries – Just Add Sunshine and Water

Le Grand Art

I have woefully neglected my strawberries this year.

My strawberry plants were originally given to me by my friend, Beth.  Apparently the plants have been in her garden ever since her mother moved into her house in the 1930s, so they have a long heritage.  I planted them reverently in my vegetable plot and, until this year, they have been subjected to the following care:


The strawberry bed was dug, weeded and hoed to a fine tilth and the original strawberries were planted in two rows about 30 inches apart. They were planted along the rows with the plants spaced about 12 inches apart.  Some years I have dug them up and raised the rows so there is a trench each side.  You can also grow them in pots, hanging bags or baskets.


I water well whilst establishing new plants.  I water in dry spells and water around…

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