How to Lose 7lbs in 4 Weeks

If, like me, you have a special occasion coming up and, with a month to go to the big day, you realise to your total horror, that you can’t fit into the beautiful outfit you planned to wear, what do you do?

When I tried on my dress it was straining at the seams so, it was a choice of another shopping trip to find a dress just as nice but in a bigger size, or slimming into the one I had.  I loved the dress and it had taken me ages to find, so I decided to try to lose the weight I had put on – and I had to do it in four short weeks.

If you’re in this situation, why not try these simple tips?  I can’t guarantee they will work for you but I lost half a stone in four weeks and this is how I did it…

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Cut Down on Bread

I replaced my lunchtime sandwich with two crispbreads (I like Ryvita Crackerbread) and some lean chopped meat, eaten with cherry tomatoes and lettuce.

I cut out bread with my evening meal.

I didn’t give up bread altogether as I was worried about getting headaches as a withdrawal symptom.  I often ate one slice of toast in the morning and very occasionally had half a slice with my evening meal.

Cut Down on Potatoes

I cut down on the amount of potato I ate with my meals and I only ate boiled potatoes.  I cut out chips, roast potato and mashed potato.  I ate more vegetables with my meals.

Cut Out Desserts

I replaced my typical pot of fruit yoghurt with low fat natural yoghurt.  I bought a 500g tub of low fat natural yoghurt and transferred it into a small pot to take to work.  I added some chopped strawberries or a small amount of pear to give it more flavour.  The 500g tub normally lasted me three or four days.

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After my main evening meal I ate a piece of fresh fruit such as a nectarine (it was summer) or an apple, and later in the evening I ate another serving of fruit.  I cut out cakes, pastries, cream, ice-cream and custard.

Cut out Nuts

I normally eat a handful of nuts as a mid-morning snack but I know that, however good they are for you, they are high in calories.  I replaced these with a small plain biscuit if I was hungry.

Cut out Crisps

This was difficult for me as I don’t have a sweet tooth but I LOVE crisps!  If you can’t give them up completely, switch to a variety with lower calories such as Quavers or Wotsits or split the bags into smaller portions.  Put them in airtight bags or click boxes and take one of these to work with you to eat with lunch and so halve your intake.

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Typical Day

So, a typical day’s menu for me would be:


Poached egg on toast
or Porridge
or Toast and spread

Mid-Morning Snack

Two Rich Tea finger biscuits


Chopped, lean meat, 2 crispbreads, tomatoes and salad leaves (no dressing)
Small serving of low fat natural yoghurt and fruit


Meat or fish with boiled potatoes, vegetables or salad
Piece of fresh fruit

Evening snack

More fresh fruit

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Tea (no sugar added)
Milk (I drink full fat milk)
No fizzy drinks or alcohol

On the Day

Went to the big fat family wedding and  … YAY I fitted into my small slender dress and I felt great!

Well – it worked for me!  Who knows, it could work for you too!

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