Stay Slim: 7 Simple Ways to Avoid Weight Gain in the Office

People in the office often say to me ‘You’re lucky, you don’t put on weight.’ (Normally, this is while I’m nibbling on a crispbread and they are tucking into a McDonalds.)

Well, I’m sorry to break it to them and to you, but luck has nothing to do with it!  Most people will put on weight if they eat unhealthily or overeat. The only way to keep at a reasonable weight is to be careful of what you eat and use a bit of common sense and willpower.

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So here are some helpful tips to get you through the 9-5 without over indulging:

1. Eat Breakfast

Make sure you always eat breakfast – you’ll feel fuller and find it easier to resist eating snacks during the morning.

2. Cakes in the Office

Who doesn’t enjoy a birthday?  It’s nice to celebrate everyone’s birthday in the office, but it’s not that great when there are so many birthdays or celebrations that cake is more or less a daily routine.  If cake is sitting there in the middle of the office and you’re bored or hungry, it’s very difficult to resist taking a piece.

Why not suggest that you all bring in a healthy alternative as well as (or instead of cake) on special occasions?  There are bound to be colleagues who agree with you and would rather snack on some tasty and refreshing melon than eat that synthetic and sugar laden supermarket traybake!

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If there is no alternative and it looks rude to refuse the cake, take some and say you’ll save it till later and then either throw it away, feed it to the birds at lunchtime or offer it to someone who really wants it (normally the hungry caretaker!)

3. Coffee Shop Trip

If someone regularly brings in coffees from the coffee shop, opt for a cup of tea with no added sugar.  You’ll be amazed at how many fewer calories and how much less fat you’ll be consuming over the course of the week.  Or why not bring in your Nutribullet and start a craze of drinking tasty juices instead (but do remember that juices can be high in sugar).

4. Walk at Lunchtime

Get your colleagues organised so you can go for a power walk at lunchtime.  Recent research shows that 10 minutes brisk walking every day could increase your life span.  So synchronise those Fitbits and get walking.   Undertake Group Challenges with your work colleagues and start a bit of healthy competition in the office. (Other fitness trackers are available.)  You’ll feel much better if you get out in the fresh air rather than staying slumped over your desk all day.

5. Avoid the Office Feeder

Sometimes there is a person in the office who delights in making other’s eat.  They thrive on buying sweet treats and tempting you to eat them.  Protesting that you’re watching your weight, just seems to encourage them; it’s as though they see your refusal as a challenge.  Don’t get angry with them – very often these people have some psychological problem and perhaps have an eating disorder or had one in the past.  Be firm but polite as there’s nothing worse than an ‘atmosphere’ in the office.  You can always tell them that you’re allergic to one of the ingredients and you haven’t brought your EpiPen with you today (!)

6. Start a Weekly Weigh In

If there are several of you trying to lose weight, why not have a weekly weigh in to compare how you’re doing and so you can keep each other on track.

7. After Work Drinks

By all means go out on a Friday and let your hair down, but you really can have just as much fun drinking a lime and soda, and you won’t be the one agonising all weekend over your drunken behaviour in front of the boss!

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The Pay Off

As Christmas draws near you will find the temptation in the office overwhelming with all those tubs of Quality Street and biscuits etc. but stay strong and it will be worth it when you can fit into that little black dress to wear at the Christmas Party!  Let’s hope it’s a bit wilder than the one in the picture!

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