Migraine Triggers #1 – High Fat Food

Migraine Experience

I am an expert on migraine.  I never wanted to be an expert on migraine; I wish I’d never heard of the word; I wish I knew nothing about the subject but, unfortunately, having suffered from migraines since the age of four, I think I qualify as an expert, or at least someone who has a LOT of migraine experience… and I mean a LOT.

Migraine after Eating Fat

I’ve known for a long time that if I eat a lot of fatty foods it seems more likely that I will get a migraine.

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If I get hiccups, it is often a warning sign.  Not always, but if I have a migraine and then I look back, I often realise that I had hiccups the night before or in the days before I had a migraine.  This has now become such a worry to me that whenever I do get hiccups I go into a slight panic knowing what’s in store for me.

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My hiccups are normally caused by eating fat.  Often I will have a hiccupping bout shortly after eating pastry or fish in batter or a high fat pudding.  So, therefore, are my migraines triggered by fat?

Gall Bladder Pain in Migraine

In addition to the headache (what an innocuous word), let’s reword, in addition to the blinding, searing, intense, splitting, all encompassing, crashing, overwhelming, unbearable, wish I could die, pain in my head, on average, I normally vomit every 20 minutes for 18 hours during a migraine attack.  I will have pain in the region of my gall bladder.

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Antacids to limit sickness?

I have tried many many migraine and anti-sickness medications and seen many doctors (but that’s another story).  However, for my last three attacks, I have taken Gaviscon as soon as I realise I have a migraine and to my amazement, during these attacks I have either been sick once or not at all.  I have still had the headache and felt just as ill, and I can’t say that this is a ‘better’ migraine but vomiting as many times as I do is completely distressing so anything that prevents this is verging on the miraculous.

I am going to persevere with the Gaviscon theory – it may just be that my recent attacks have been an anomaly.

Please leave me any comments below on your thoughts about the migraine and fatty food link.

Every day without a migraine is a bonus!

Please note that information on this blog is not intended as medical advice and is my opinion only; anyone who believes they are suffering from migraine should consult a doctor.

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