Best WordPress Themes: Altofocus

Time and time again I come back to Altofocus.  It’s classic simplicity appeals to me.

They say:

AltoFocus’ elegant tiles helps artists, photobloggers, and other creatives showcase their talents. The grid automatically shifts and re-forms to accommodate new posts, creating an ever-changing collage of your creativity that draws visitors in while remaining clean and easy to navigate.

I say:

It’s true: this is a clean bright beautifully styled theme.

Featured Image

Like the featured image which displays prominently above the post and copes with any orientation.


Love the gallery feature which allows you to insert a slide show of images in place of the featured image.


Hmm, maybe not so keen on the vertical menu layout in the header.  If you have a lot of entries in your menu it will make the header very deep, although you can have sub-menu dropdowns from each of the menu items.

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Featured Content

It’s easy to see up your favourite posts as ‘featured’ to attract more attention.  These will display at a larger size on your blog post page and when hovered over, will display a coloured border.

It’s a great theme especially if you are showcasing artworks or photos and these are perhaps more important than your words.



Yay – Altofocus is a free theme!


I created a portfolio page by setting up a page and typing the code for Portfolio: the setup for this was not as user friendly as some other themes that I’ve used.

I have found that you need to identify a featured image to display in the grid on the portfolio/projects page. Therefore if you want your portfolio to display images embedded from another site, maybe this theme is not for you.

But perhaps it’s not necessary to have a separate portfolio page as the blog post page does display in the way I would want the portfolio page to display.

However, for this reason, my search for the perfect theme continues.


If you can recommend any great themes for an art related blog, please let me know.

Happy Blogging!

© Michelle Le Grand


  1. I am currently using AltoFocus theme but the widget area is not full width… since you have digged in the theme, I was wondering maybe you could help me?

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