1 Way to Banish Stressful Thoughts and Anxiety – Guaranteed!

Do You Ever Have Those Days?

  • You are worried and stressed about an upcoming situation.
  • Whatever you do the thoughts and anxiety are whirling around in your head.
  • You try to concentrate on something else but the thoughts won’t go away.
  • These anxieties are taking over.

Banish Stressful Thoughts

If you are worried or stressed about something, then there’s nothing better to take your mind off your worries than a session of ‘Extreme Weeding’.  Just read on.

Sometimes in life you may have a terrible worry or anxiety gnawing away at you and whatever you do, whether it’s reading a book or watching TV, this worrying thought or situation is running in a constant loop throughout your mind.

You’ve tried meditating but it’s just not working.

Well, you need to try extreme weeding to banish these stressful thoughts!

(Don’t worry – you don’t need any gardening expertise.)

Happy Outside
Fresh Air

Get Up and Out

Basically all you need to do is get up out of your chair, stand up, go outside, grab a kneeler and a fork and start weeding.

But, oh no, it’s not any old casual weeding….

Select an area of ground and, if you like, use the edge of the fork to divide the area into squares.  Then kneel down and remove every tiny last piece of weed from your chosen square.  It doesn’t matter how long you spend on this section of earth.  The goal is not to make your garden free of weeds (although this will be an associated benefit) – the goal is to concentrate your mind on the task in hand and remove any other thoughts out of your head.

Feel Better

You will also feel better for getting out in the fresh air and getting a nice dose of Vitamin D.  (Remember, though, to wear a hat and slap on the Factor 30 if necessary!)

Concentrate entirely on the earth in front of you and fixate on every single little strand of those pesky green weeds and channel your mind and energies into pulling them all up.  Get each section of root out.  Every little last one of them.

If you’re feeling stressed and down, why not try it?  Go on, get up now, the garden is just outside your door.  If you are worried or unhappy, extreme weeding will break the circle of anxiety in your mind. It works for me every time, and I’m confident it will work for you too.

Weeds or Flowers?

Don’t worry too much, if you know nothing about gardening or have no interest in gardening.  It doesn’t matter if you think you hate gardening.  Remember, this isn’t Gardening – this is Weeding!  If you are concerned about digging flowers up instead of weeds, then no doubt, if you have flowers in your garden, you also have a gardener who planted them.  Check with them to make sure you are pulling out weeds! Anyway, always remember that, one man’s weeds are another man’s flowers!

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Things you Will Need

Hand Fork


I wear these as well:

Gardening Gloves:

If you haven’t got any of these today, just grab an old table knife out of the kitchen and use this to help you tease all those weeds out.

However, I have the above items, packed into a bag for easy reach.  Call it my ‘Stress Banishing Kit’.  Whenever worrying thoughts threaten to overwhelm me I can just reach for the kit and get out there.

Do It Now

  • Don’t sit there worrying
  • Don’t sit there searching the internet for solutions.
  • CONGRATULATIONS – You’ve found the solution so, please, get outside and try it now!

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Thanks for reading!

© Michelle Le Grand


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  1. Instilling a feeling of security is easily achieved once you spend time with loved ones, reducing the possibility of getting anxiety and depression.


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