Best WordPress Themes: Rebalance

Rebalance is a great WordPress theme aimed at artists and photographers but also suitable for any type of blog.

They say

Rebalance’s clean look and large-format imagery make it great for displaying artwork and photography.  Its responsive layout is optimized for all devices and its great typography keeps your text legible and stylish no matter the size of your screen.  It comes with six accent colours to choose from and supports a site logo, so you can tweak the design to your liking.

I say

I think this theme is stylish in its simplicity and well worth trying.

Blog Post Page

LIKE the way the blog post page displays with an image but also a few lines of the post.



LOVE the portfolio page. This is the only theme I have found where I can add an image by HTML which will display as the featured image in the thumbnail on the portfolio page. For example, I want to display my range of products at Zazzle on my portfolio page on Le Grand Art so that customers can view them on the first page without clicking each post. See the page display at Le Grand Art portfolio page. I am using the link to the product and this displays as the featured image as it is the first image in the post. These are HTML links so do not exist in my media library.

I have tried other WordPress themes where the first image is picked up as the feature image but none that I have tried, display HTML images on the portfolio page apart from Rebalance.

This is the reason Rebalance is in first place in my list of best WordPress themes!


LOVE the typography and the clean white display although it does come with six custom accent colours to choose from.

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Would prefer the main menu to display across the whole page width as the menu can get too deep if it contains too many entries in my opinion.

Header Image

You can add a header image but if you have several items in your main menu, it will make the whole header area very deep.

Graphic with beach and sea

Featured Images

Featured images appear in the home page, archive pages and the portfolio page templates so you should add one to every post. As stated above, you can use the settings so that the first image in the post displays as the featured image.


There is one widget area in the footer. Maybe, there should be more.


Yes, that’s right, it’s a free WordPress theme, so why don’t you try it or view it in action on Le Grand Art

Don’t forget to download Grammarly to proof your blog.

Happy Blogging!

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