How to Clear that Clutter in 4 Easy Steps

Tackle It and Declutter

So you’ve realised you have a problem with clutter and you need to tackle it.

You need to tackle it now because neglecting the problem is only going to make the situation worse.  It’s not really funny anymore; it’s worrying…. but you’re going to sort it!

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Before You Start Decluttering Your Home

Grab a notebook and make a plan before you start.  Write down which rooms you are going to tackle and what your final aim is.  Start with the easiest room first as the results will encourage you.  If you are still reluctant, take photos of the clutter, look at them objectively, can you really live like this anymore?

Decluttering System

Get four cardboard boxes and mark them up Keep, Throw, Donate, Sell. Write down when you are going to start and set yourself a deadline.

Declutter Tips


When you are ready, start on the first room on your list.

Be Methodical

Work through the room methodically and make a decision about each item and put them in the appropriate box.

Once your items are in the boxes move the boxes to a different room.  Admire the room you have cleared.  Doesn’t it look great?  Doesn’t it make you feel better?  Isn’t it a nicer place to spend time in?  Take another photo to compare.  Be proud of yourself!

Finally Deal With the Clutter in Four Steps

After a short break, deal with the boxes.

#1 Throw

Empty the Throw box into a bin bag and place this in your dustbin.

#2 Donate

Bag up the Donate box and take the bag to your favourite charity shop.

#3 Sell

Use your notebook to make a list of the items you are going to sell on Ebay or your favourite auction site.  (Action this as soon as you can.)

#4 Keep

Put the Keep items back in their proper place.  If they haven’t got a ‘proper’ place then find one.  It’s best if as many of your items as possible are put away in a drawer or a nice box or a proper display cabinet.  If the items are put away it will be easier to dust your room and keep everything clean in the future.

Stylish Storage to Help you Declutter your Home

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Storage Solutions

Once again look at your clear room – you should be proud of yourself!

apartment chair clean contemporary
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Make a date/time to tackle the next room!

© Michelle Le Grand

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