Best WordPress Themes: Canard


I’m currently trying out Canard on my test blog site.  My test site is private but I have a number of blog posts and portfolio posts on it so that I can test out the best wordpress themes for blogs before I take the plunge to set them up on my live sites. (Of course I can only test free wordpress themes on my test site.)

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They say:

It lets you highlight specific articles on the homepage and balances readability with a powerful use of photography – all in a layout that works on any device.

I say:

Canard seems like a nice straightforward theme for magazine type blogs.

Home Page

This wordpress theme home page shows up to five featured posts in a grid with other posts listed underneath.

Post Types

There are three types of posts: image, gallery and link.

Canard graphic
Canard Theme Example


LIKE the layout of the titles and menus!


LIKE the four, yes FOUR menus (primary, secondary, social and footer)


LIKE the two widget areas in the sidebar and footer


LOVE the site icon centralised display BUT I couldn’t get my tag line to show up.  The Header image displays below the site title.

Colour Palettes

LOVE the colour palettes.


I successfully set up a portfolio page.


Canard is an attractive free wordpress theme and it’s well worth trying!

Meaning of Canard

Apparently, ‘Canard’ is:

  • An unfounded rumour or story
  • A small wing-like projection attached to an aircraft forward of the main wing to provide extra stability and control, sometimes replacing the tail.
  • French for duck

So, take your pick!

© Michelle Le Grand

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