Make No Mistake! This is How to Write a Killer Blog Post

Le Grand Art

It’s a Learning Curve

Since starting a blog I have been on a steep learning curve.  So steep that sometimes I think I need climbing boots and some grappling irons.

Here are a few pointers that I’ve gleaned which will hopefully save you time when crafting your own blog:

Keep to the Subject

Do not, for example, start a blog about art and then write random thoughts about your life, your problems and your favourite comedian.

Include Images

Readers of online articles are fickle with short attention spans, eager to skip to the next exciting article so you need a relevant engaging picture to keep them on track.  Rather like a picture book for a two year old.

Search for relevant images which make your blog both beautiful to look at but also are relevant to your article ie. don’t put in images of horses just because you like horses.

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