How to Make Money from Your Art Online: ArtWeb

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Always Read the Instructions First

I’ve just signed up for an ArtWeb website! Of course, as is my wont, I didn’t read any guidance, instructions or rules, I just clicked and off I went, uploading images left, right and centre!

First Impressions

Artweb seems to work very much like the website with a visual editor which is much the same – although one difference I have noticed is that you can add a table easily.

YoucanalsoinsertpagesandaddanAboutpage. You can even add blog posts!

Why can’t we add tables in the editor? If we can, please let me know – I would really like to add tables to my posts!

Photo by Steve Johnson on

Getting Back to the Point..

However, the main point of the ArtWeb website is to showcase and sell your Art, so you can make money from your art online.  There are three options:


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