Why Your Blog is Boss

If YOU want to make money from your blog, you need to treat it as a business.

Yes, like any job, it can and should be fun. It can and should be rewarding.

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(This post contains affiliate links and if you click on a link and purchase something, I will make some money which will go towards me getting Out of the Office!)

A Whole Lot of Precious Time

But like any job it’s going to take some time, effort and commitment to reap those rewards.

The way to succeed with your blog is to treat it as a job. Yes, you can have an ENJOYABLE job – it is allowed.

With an office job, your Boss wouldn’t be happy if you rolled in late every morning, sat around chatting to your friends, had a long lunch and then left early, would he/she?


Well, substitute the words ‘Your Boss’ for ‘Your Blog’. Your BLOG is not going to be happy if you roll in late every morning, sit around chatting and/or surfing the web and log off early.

Your Blog is not going to be happy if you just write a post when you feel in the mood – yeah, just the same as your Boss wouldn’t be happy if you turn up to the office only when you feel like it.

Clear Your Desk!

No, with that type of behaviour, your Blog is going to fire you pretty soon! There are plenty of other Bloggers out there, looking to take your place in the Blog Market!

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So, you have to set yourself a schedule.

You need to schedule time in your week when you are going to work for your Blog. Grab yourself a planner (digital or otherwise) and divide up your week.

Work out the tasks that you need to do:

  • Write
  • Proof read and make revisions
  • Design graphics
  • Promote on social media

And allocate yourself enough time for each task.

If you really want to make money from your Blog you need to knuckle down to the task.

Take it seriously.

Learn as much as you can about blogging from different sources.

Network (leave comments on other blogs and build up a network of colleagues just as you would in your office job)

Put in the hours.

If your Blog is going to pay you more, then you have to put in the effort.

Pay Day

Talking of pay – you need to set up your Blog so you can earn money from the outset.

When I started my blog, I ignored all advice I read, and went for the free route to test it out. Basically this was a waste of time. That precious time.

If your reason for starting a blog is to earn money (and let’s be brutally honest with ourselves – who doesn’t want to earn money?) then you should sign up with a host from the beginning such as Bluehost or a similar webhost, because then you can start earning money immediately rather than spending a huge amount of time on a free site with no earning capacity.

Do as I Say – Not as I Do (Did)!

The problem with setting up on a free site, which then entices you to pay for a premium site, is that you are then reluctant to leave what you know and abandon your followers and all your links and start on another site, even though you realise you can’t add the plugins etc that you want to. So, if I had my time over again I would sign up to a site such as Bluehost on an introductory offer and learn the ropes through them whilst being able to immediately give myself some money earning capacity.

(Just make sure you start your Blog with a sensible domain name!)

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The Difference Between Your Boss and Your Blog

Yes, there is one big difference! Your Blog doesn’t care if you lay in bed all day blogging (as I am now) whereas your Boss tends to prefer it if you come into the office dressed in a suit!

So log onto Bluehost and get yourself another Boss!  A Boss that you LIKE!

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