Best WordPress Themes: Rosalie

I’ve got a brand new shiny WordPress Theme for my Out of the Office website: Rosalie. EDIT: I no longer pay for a Premium site so I no longer have Rosalie – but check it out as it’s a lovely theme!

The reason for this change of heart is that I was getting concerned about the amount of time it was taking to load my website. So I set about researching how to speed up my website.

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As a result of this research, I also decided to try a different WordPress theme for my blog to see if that would improve the situation.

And I found Rosalie!

Rosalie on all devices


And look how beautiful Rosalie is! Minimal with lots of beautiful clean white space and with a decidedly Art Deco feel, Rosalie is certainly a theme with style.

Who’s Responsible?

Rosalie is designed by SiloCreativo

Who’s It For?

It’s suitable for:

  • Magazines
  • Fashion
  • Lifestyle
  • Food
  • Any blog/website which features lots of photos/images/galleries
  • And really, let’s face it – any blog!
Girl blogging laptop
Photo by bruce mars on

Let’s Talk Layout

LOVE the flexible layout of the front page! The number of columns can be changed through 1, 2 or 3; posts can be labelled as ‘sticky’ and feature at the top.

Rosalie column

Posts can be formatted as image, gallery, video or audio.


LOVE that Rosalie provides 5 – yes, FIVE – areas for Widgets! This are contained within four optional footer areas and an optional right hand side bar. That is room for plenty of widgets (including your Instagram feed!)


LOVE the featured content slider. Favourite posts can be marked as featured and will appear in the content slider.

Featured images are 1140 wide with a suggested height of 500. The wide featured images look great in the slider but means I can’t use my Pinterest sized graphics as the featured image. Hmm, slight drawback to my plan to make all my featured images the desired size for Pinterest displays.

Features of Rosalie

  • Custom Background
  • Custom Colours
  • Custom Header
  • Custom Menu
  • Full Width Template
  • RTL Language Support
  • Sticky Post
  • Featured Image Header
  • Featured Images
  • Post Formats
  • Post Slider
  • Accessibility Ready
  • Threaded Comments
  • Site Logo
  • Author Bio
  • Blog Excerpts
  • Classic Menu
  • Social Menu

Is That It?

Well, combine all this with a great help service and is there anything else you could really need?

Rosalie is available from SiloCreativo and it’s also free with a Premium or Business plan.

Meaning of ‘Rosalie’

Rosalie is a form of the Italian name Rosalia and is a derivation of ROSE. The name reached its peak of popularity in 1938 with the release of the film, ‘Rosalie’ which was based on an earlier stage musical. It has recently revived in popularity after the character named Rosalie in ‘Twilight’.

Oh, and there is a town in Nebraska named Rosalie!

What are you Going to Do Now?

Head over to SiloCreativo and check out their range of themes.

And After That?

Well, did you like this post? You could either pin it, or share it or read about other Best WordPress Themes for blogs.

Or just marvel at the sheer beauty of Rosalie!

Rosalie is stylish and beautiful.
We were made for each other!


© Michelle Le Grand
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