A Blissful Day in the Life of a Blogger

Hit the Ground Blogging!


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Wake up.

Swing out of bed and hit the ground blogging!

Turn on the light and grab my laptop.

Return to bed, arrange the pillows, settle back, log on and start blogging!

Whilst others are facing the daily commute to work, my typical working day blogging has already started from the comfort of my own bed.

Work on a blog post for the next couple of hours.


Switch off the laptop.

Get up, run down the stairs and let the dogs out in the garden.

Make a cup of tea and breakfast on lightly poached eggs on wholemeal toast. (Plenty of protein to keep my blogging mind sharp throughout the day!)

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Relax over breakfast; listen to the radio.

Shower and dress.

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Return to blogging in the comfort of my living room. Settle down on the sofa with my laptop.

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Proof read and edit the blog post.

Do some research for more blogging posts. I normally have several on the go.

Brainstorm some more ideas for future blog posts on paper.

Make myself a cup of coffee and share some homemade biscuits with the dogs!

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It’s a lovely sunny day. Call the dogs, shake their leads (dogs are HAPPY) clip the leads on, and take them for an invigorating walk/run in the local park.


Meet some friends for lunch in town.

I have a delicious crispy salad and still water.

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Back at home. Take my laptop out into the garden so I can make the most of the sunny weather.

Set up camp in a shady corner of the garden with the dogs lying at my feet.

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Check my income from my Zazzle shops and the streams of online income from my blogging ads/affiliate sites.

Log onto my Canva account and design some graphics for my pinterest site and social media.

Work on some revisions of my blog posts.

Schedule some posts.


Take the dogs out for another quick walk.


Feed those hungry dogs and prepare my supper.

Prepare a salmon, broccoli and potato bake. (This is one of my favourites although I leave the cheese out! You can find loads more quick and easy supper recipe ideas on the BBC Good Food website!)


My friend picks me up and we go to the cinema and stop off in a bar for a quick drink afterwards. She tells me about her work problems and we try to come up with some solutions.


Quickly check my blogging stats for the day and fall into bed.

What’s Missing From My Day?

A day’s work without the stress of commuting, a nagging boss and those tiresome office politics.

Do I miss working in an office? That’s a NO!


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