How To Make Money From Your Art Online: Saatchi Art

An acquaintance of mine has an artist account on Saatchi Art and is hoping to make money from her art online, so I thought I’d take a look at the website and here’s what I discovered.

Saatchi Art is a website where anyone can purchase art originals and art prints online.

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Sounds Good?

Saatchi Art markets itself as the ‘World’s leading online gallery’ and it quotes an impressive range of statistics to back up this claim:

  • Artists represented in 100+ countries
  • Works sold to collectors in 80+ countries
  • 12m+ monthly page views
  • 1.1m+ social followers
  • 1m+ printed catalogues sent to households
  • 18 international shows and fairs

Sounds Even Better?

  • There are NO fees
  • They handle shipping (although you need to pack the artwork and pay for the packaging materials)
  • Artists (at time of writing) receive 65% on every artwork sold
  • Non exclusive policy
  • Secure online payments
  • Artist ‘protection’ (a bouncer?)

What, There’s More?

  • Featured artists
  • Saatchi Art say they give artists as much exposure as possible and promote them
  • Attention from curators
  • Art advisory service to collectors and trade
  • Social media promotion
  • Editorial features
  • Paid online and offline advertising
  • PR support
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Photo by Steve Johnson on

So How Does It Actually Work?

You create a free artist (ie. seller) account. You need to spend a bit of time on this as, in common with other sites, you need to complete a tax form. However, Saatchi Art also require you to upload a government issued photo ID. (They probably need to to ask for this to confirm identity but I wasn’t too keen to do this myself!)

You can write your own profile, upload a photo of yourself and add links to your website and other social media sites.

Uploading photos

There are instructions for uploading photographs of your artwork. The requirements are quite rigorous and there are full instructions on how best to photograph your artwork, the quality, pixel ratio, dimensions required etc.

What Can You Sell?

You can sell paintings, photography, drawings, sculptures, installations and prints. Currently you can only sell open prints although they are hoping to offer limited edition prints in the future.

Need Help?

Saatchi Art have an email and phone helpline for artists, a newsletter and provide tips for success (which we could all benefit from!).

Shop & Create on Zazzle


The shipping will be paid for by the collector and handled by Saatchi Art. If and when you sell an original artwork you would only have to pack the art (and purchase the packaging materials).


Payment is made by cheque, wire transfer or by Paypal and typically, you would get paid 14 days after you request a payment.

So What Do You Think?

Saatchi Art is worth a try for any serious artist, but you must be prepared to devote time and care to show your art in the best light and meet the demands of the Saatchi Art website.

Yes, it’s a saturated market but where there’s Art there’s hope!

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