How To Get More Likes on Your Blog

It’s Pretty Simple

If your goal is to get more likes on your blog or to write a really popular blog post, you have to choose your subject wisely.

Ask Yourself the Question

  • What phrase do you google most?
  • What subjects make you click through on Pinterest?
  • What do you want to read about?

A Compelling Subject

If your main aim is to get a lot of likes and followers quickly and easily, then one guaranteed way of getting likes is to write a post about making money online.

Then, suddenly and out of the blue, you will find that you get a lot of likes from people who have blogs on the subject of affiliate marketing, online sales, sales funnels, clicks etc.

In subsequent blog posts, even just a brief mention of making money online will mean that those same people and more will click ‘like’ and you will achieve your goal of popularity.

This site and post may contain affiliate links from Amazon, Bluehost, Grammarly, Zazzle, WordPress, Shutterstock, Society6, Teepublic, Redbubble and if you click on a link and purchase a product from that website I will earn a small fee (which will go towards getting me Out of the Office!)

Do Likes Equal Traffic?

However, ‘likes’ may not always equal traffic as those readers may just automatically click ‘like’ without visiting your website. Maybe they will see the tag ‘make money online’ and will automatically click like from their email or from the WordPress reader without actually reading the blog post or visiting.

Let’s Put the Theory into Practice

A case in point is my blogpost on Le Grand Art which is entitled My Overwhelming Success with Amazon Associates Affiliate Marketing. This blogpost has received many likes from my affiliate marketing enthusiast followers but I wonder if they have actually read it. Check out my post and see if you think the actual content would appeal to online sales advocates.

Maybe it does appeal as they have all clicked like!

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How to be Likeable

  • Choose great titles
  • Pick a popular topic
  • Write on a subject that you would like to read
  • Include a phrase that you would type into a search engine
  • Pick a great webhost so that your website looks attractive, is easy to edit and is quick to respond

Thanks for reading my blog and check that other likeable blog Le Grand Art.

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