Book Review: The Reaper by Peter Lovesey

They Say:

A dark, delicious tale of a popular village cleric who has no conscience

After years spent saving souls, Otis Joy, the rector of St. Bartholomew’s Church in Foxford, Wiltshire, has found a new calling: ending lives. His young French wife? Anaphylactic shock, what a shame. The bishop? Fell into a quarry. Tragic. It’s not Joy’s fault, really—not that he’s concerned about repentance or absolution these days. He just doesn’t want his other little secret—embezzling church funds to finance a fancy yacht—to be discovered. But when the husband of the new church secretary, Rachel Jansen, turns up dead, it isn’t long before the village starts to gossip and the local constable gets involved. As it turns out, God isn’t the only one who’s always watching.

I Say:

The ReaperThe Reaper by Peter Lovesey
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Oh ‘Tis Joy to read this book. This book is a great read and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I cannot recommend it highly enough!

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This isn’t so much a review but a little bit of advice for life… if you like a little bit of crime and want to read a good book, then try a Peter Lovesey book.

Why waste time reading reviews to see what others think?

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