Best WordPress Themes: Apostrophe 2

I Tried It

In my ongoing search for the best WordPress theme for a magazine type layout I tried Apostrophe 2 .

Who’s Responsible?

Apostrophe 2 is designed by Automattic.

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They Say

When you’re looking to get straight to the point, Apostrophe 2 is the theme for you. Simple and clean, Apostrophe 2 shines in the little details: bold type, bright color, and big images.

Apostrophe 2 is a fully responsive magazine theme that’s a pleasure to read from any device. It offers clean typography paired with a modern design. Choose from a single-column layout, or make use of multiple sidebar and footer widget areas. Highlight your best posts to add variety and interest to your homepage, and showcase your social media links at the top of the page.


  • Choice of background colour
  • Custom menu and social menu
  • Featured image
  • Four optional widget areas
  • Single column theme (unless you add a sidebar)
  • Featured content grid which will display above your other posts by adding the featured content tag
  • Ability to ’emphasize’ text


Featured Image

I particularly like the fact that if you do not choose a featured image, then Apostrophe 2 will use the first image in the post … but you can disable this if you prefer, by unchecking the box in the Customizer content options panel.

Header Image

You can choose a header image that will display behind the title of the site.

Primary Menu

I like the fact that the primary menu defaults to show your sites pages across the screen – but you can further customize this menu if you wish.

Portfolio Page

I successfully added a portfolio page; however, if I didn’t add a featured image, the first image in the post did not show up in the thumbnail view.

Blog post called The Foot Files


Not so keen on the date of the post displaying across the featured image in a flag format. I don’t really like to draw attention to the date that the post was written.

Quick Specifications

  1. Main column width: 723
  2. Sidebar width: 274
  3. Featured images are 225 square: recommended image at least 450 x 450
  4. Featured posts images: 465 wide by 225 high – recommended images at least 930 x 450
  5. Site logo maximum height 300

Would I Recommend?

Apostrophe 2 is a simple to use theme which would suit most magazine type blogs and the ability to ’emphasize’ text is an added bonus.

Remember to download Grammarly to proof all your blog posts:

Apostrophe – it’s certainly no catastrophe!

Happy Blogging!

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  1. Thanks for this great article! I’m using Apostrophe 2 for quite a while and be very satisfied with it. I like, different from you, especially the dates on the thumbnails. It gives it a touch of a news mag page. What I don’t like is the lack of more color combinations e.g. black around the date on the preview thumb with white fonts in the free version. But all in all a very useful theme!

    All the best, Volker

    Liked by 1 person

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