How To Make Money From Your Art Online: Zazzle

Let Me Tell You About Zazzle

Zazzle is a highly successful Print On Demand (POD) outlet. Both customers and designers can place their own designs on a variety of products and then either purchase or sell the finished product.

So, if you have any artistic talent, then this is a great way to get out of the office and make some money from your art!

This site and post may contain affiliate links from Amazon, Bluehost, Grammarly, Zazzle, WordPress, Shutterstock, Society6, Teepublic, Redbubble and if you click on a link and purchase a product from that website I will earn a small fee (which will go towards getting me Out of the Office!)

Sounds A Good Way to Sell Your Art Online?

To quote Zazzle’s own website:

There are THREE ways to make money online with Zazzle:

Sell Your Art

  • Publish your designs on thousands of products
  • Set your own royalty rates
  • No inventory to maintain

Sell Your Products

Well, maybe not yet. At the time of writing this feature is coming soon. However, if you are interested in this feature, you can register your interest by visiting the Zazzle website now.

Spread the Word

  • Become a Zazzle affiliate
  • Promote your favourite products
  • Earn referrals on any purchase
  • No design experience necessary

So How Does It Actually Work?

You create a free designer (ie. seller) account. You need to spend a bit of time on this as, in common with other sites, you need to complete a tax form.

Once this is accepted, you are up and running and can create your own stores.

Creating Stores

As a designer you may want to create several ‘stores’ to sell different styles of art or types of products.

This may be useful if you want to divide your artwork into niches. eg. you could open a store that features only artwork of dogs to appeal to dog lovers and you could open a store that features only photographs of flowers to appeal to gardeners. Or maybe a store which concentrates on wedding related products.

The choice is yours – although I would caution against opening too many different stores as it’s easy to get confused with which store you are placing your products in, especially if you are creating products very quickly.

What Products Do Zazzle Sell?

They sell LOADS of products. The range is huge. Here are just a few:

  • greetings cards (of all types, shapes and sizes)
  • mugs
  • cushions
  • blankets
  • magnets
  • napkins
  • jigsaws (I just sold one!)
  • playing cards
  • men’s, women’s, children’s and baby clothing including T shirts and leggings
  • bags
  • badges
  • hats
  • wrapping paper
  • stickers
  • tableware
  • wedding (stationery, fans, table names)
  • phone cases
  • tablet cases
  • apple wristbands
  • business cards
  • wall art

This is just a snapshot of the products online. Go to Zazzle to see the full list of items that you can sell your art on.

When you create your product to sell, you need to be aware that sometimes products are out of stock and sometimes the products are discontinued so you may need to review the items for sale in your stores.

Creating Products

After a bit of practice, you will find it easy to place your artwork onto the products and you will be able to use the excellent design tools provided by Zazzle to add text, filters, shapes and patterns to enhance your work.


The great selling point of Zazzle is that customers can personalise the products so they can add names or messages of their choice. To help them do this, you can create your text as ‘template’ text.

Your Store

Take some time to organise your store: place your products into categories and collections to showcase your designs and make them look even more attractive to customers.

Descriptions and Tags

Work on writing informative descriptions on your products and assign the most appropriate tags and keywords so that your designs can be easily found in the search.

Need Help?

There is a great user forum where the other designers offer useful help. This is a friendly and genuinely supportive forum where you can ask any question and the other experienced designers or sometimes a member of Zazzle staff will offer you advice and answer your queries.

You can also email the Zazzle support centre.

Shop & Create on Zazzle

Orders and Shipping

Zazzle handle all the orders and delivery.

Royalty Rates

You set your own royalty rate for each individual product. You need to set a balance here as setting a high royalty rate may make the price too high and put customers off buying the product but setting a low rate will cut down on your earnings.


Payment is made by cheque or by Paypal. Your earnings have to reach a certain threshold to trigger payment (currently £30) and then payments are automatically sent 45 days after the end of the month during which your earnings exceed the payment threshold. You can demand that your earnings are paid immediately but this will incur a surcharge.

Promoting Your Products

As a designer, you automatically have an affiliate account. You can share your own products as I have done on this page and if people click through to the Zazzle site from one of your links and buy any product on the site in that visit you would earn a referral amount.

Promoting Other People’s Products

Therefore you can promote your own and other people’s products to generate more money from art online. If you have your own website you can place Zazzle images on there which contain your associate tracking code so that any purchases will be linked to your account.

Your Account

Zazzle provide a very clear breakdown so you can see which of your products have sold and how much money you made from each sale.

So What Do You Think?

Zazzle is a good way to make some money from selling your art online and it’s wonderful to look at your sales list and see that people from all over the world have purchased products which feature your designs.

I’m not saying that you can live on the income from your Zazzle sales but if you put in time and effort it is possible to make some money from selling your art online.

Take a Look at My Zazzle Stores

and then consider setting up your own designer account.

Or you could also read How to Make Money From Your Art Online: Saatchi Art

Don’t just leave your art in a portfolio – have a go at selling your art online. Good Luck!


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