Best WordPress Themes: Revelar

Want a New Theme?

Hey – want a new theme to try? Why not take a look at Revelar.

Who’s Responsible?

Revelar is designed by Automattic.

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They Say

Revelar is a single-column blogging theme, designed to showcase your gorgeous photography and highlight your writing, while providing an immersive experience for your visitors. With support for large featured images and multiple post formats, the theme is flexible enough to be used as a photoblog, personal journal, or tumblelog.


  • Choice of background colour
  • Custom menu
  • Custom colours
  • Featured image
  • Different Post Formats
  • Single column theme
  • A sidebar widget
  • Three widget areas beneath the main column


Featured Image

If you don’t choose a featured image, the first image on the page is used.

Primary Menu

Like the look of the clear menu across the top of the page

Blog Posts

Love the actual blog post page. I like the photo display and the clear whole page view. It’s great to actually read. Check out Is it Vegan which is currently using Revelar (although it may not be using it anymore by the time you read this!)

Portfolio Page

I successfully added a portfolio page; however, if I didn’t add a featured image, the first image in the post did not show up in the thumbnail view. The only theme where I have successfully got this to work is Rebalance.

Would Have Liked…

Overhanging Images

If you left or right align an image, then it will overhang outside the main column of text – an attractive feature – which I couldn’t get to work.


Header Image

You can’t add a header image, but I do like the uncluttered headline look.

Tag Line

My tag line didn’t display

Quick Specifications

  1. Main column width: 800
  2. Sidebar width: 360
  3. Featured images are 1200 wide

Would I Recommend?

Not really. Whilst I do quite like the clean look of the home page blog display and the rather retro 1970s look of the blog posts, I find the lack of features rather restrictive.

The blog posts are clear and easy to read which I think is a much overlooked feature, so if you just want a simple no-fuss blog this may be for you, but I don’t think it’s for me. I prefer Rebalance or Altofocus.

Check It Out

This theme is being used on my other blog at time of writing.

Remember to download Grammarly to proof all your blog posts:

What a Revelation

Revelar is Portuguese for ‘reveal’ or ‘disclose’! Who knew?

Happy Blogging!

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  1. 🙂 Any theme that prevents me from displaying my tagline is definitely one that I will stay away from.

    On a positive note, I think that Revelar has clean, clear and readable fonts — the kind that would be beneficial to most bloggers.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you for commenting, Renard – yes, what’s the point of having a tag line if it doesn’t display! All themes should display the tag line if you have one. Although the more I look at the blog posts, the more I like the theme.

    Liked by 1 person

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