Best WordPress Themes: Radcliffe 2

What’s It All About?

Radcliffe 2 is a theme aimed at small business and entrepreneurs (but if you are a blogger, keep reading, as there is nothing stopping you using this great WordPress theme for your blog).

Who’s Responsible?

Radcliffe 2 is designed by Anders Noren.

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They Say

Radcliffe 2 is a simple theme with clean typography, created with entrepreneurs and small business owners in mind. With business-friendly options like a call-to-action button and prominent contact information, Radcliffe 2 is your foundation for a professional website.

What Makes Radcliffe 2 Stand Out from the Pack?

Style Packs

Radcliffe 2 offers you the choice of three different designs called ‘style packs’.

This is a great feature. You can choose from the following styles which each offer different custom colours and fonts:

  • Modern Bauhaus
  • Vintage Paper
  • Upbeat

The style packs are brilliant. You can test them out to see which one works best for your website, and easily switch to a different one if you feel like giving your website a fresh look without switching theme. Make sure you check out the list of fonts that come with each style pack.


  • Custom background
  • Custom menu
  • Custom colours
  • Featured image
  • Site Logo
  • Author Bio
  • Classic menu
  • Social menu
  • Store


Featured Image

Featured images display full width behind the post header information.

Site Wide Banner

Radcliffe 2 lets you add a wide banner at the top of the page, which is great if you run a business as you could include your address and contact details.

Help Me

Radcliffe 2 has a great help page to get your site up and running. It even has quick videos which explain how to set up the features.

Featured Prompt

Using the customizer you can set up your site with a static home page and then you can insert an image with a prompt across the image to encourage visitors to click on the link. Have a look at The Secret Vegan to test this feature. Amazing!

Screenshot showcasing the featured prompt from Radcliffe 2 WordPress theme
Screenshot showing a Featured Prompt example on Radcliffe 2

Blog Posts

Like the blog post displays which are central to the page, clear and easy to read.

Widget Areas

Radcliffe 2 offers three widget areas which are situated above the footer.

Site Logo and Tag Line

Your site logo appears centrally and the tag line displays underneath.


Nothing! There is absolutely NOTHING I dislike about Radcliffe 2. (Although if we are being picky, maybe just maybe, I would have preferred a thumbnail display on the blog feed page.) Radcliffe 2 is really one of the best WordPress themes.

Quick Specifications

  1. Main column width: 740
  2. Site Logo is 1200 wide x 900 high but these can be cropped to suit your needs
  3. Featured images are 2000 wide x 1500 high

Would I Recommend?

Yes, I definitely would recommend Radcliffe 2 as a great WordPress theme – especially if you have a business. Radcliffe 2 is different; I love the static front page with the call to action.

The blog posts are clear and easy to read and look attractive, although you have to scroll down them.

Radcliffe 2 is the most impressive free WordPress theme that I have found. It looks completely professional.

Screenshot Radcliffe 2 WordPress theme
Screenshot showing Radcliffe 2 theme from The Secret Vegan

Check It Out

This theme is being used The Secret Vegan at time of writing and I love Radcliffe 2 so much that I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to change theme! Why not have a look?

Remember to download Grammarly to proof all your blog posts:

Radcliffe 2

No idea why it’s called Radcliffe but I don’t care because it’s a great WordPress theme!

Happy Blogging!

© Michelle Le Grand

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