Best WordPress Themes: Penscratch 2

Read All About It

Penscratch 2 is a theme designed for writers (so if you require a more visual theme this is probably not the best theme for you).

However, if you’d prefer to paint a picture with a thousand words then read on ….

Who’s Responsible?

Penscratch 2 is a WordPress theme designed by Automattic.

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They Say:

Penscratch 2 is a fresh, stylish design for sharing your writing. Whether you’re working on an analytical essay, an anthology of poems, or a piece of long-form fiction, Penscratch 2 makes for a pleasant reading and writing experience all around.

Why Would Penscratch Make Your Readers Stay on the Page?

Penscratch 2 is a WordPress theme which produces an attractive site which is a joy to read. You have the choice of a one or two column layout and can introduce pull quotes to break up the page.

Site Logo

Your site logo will be placed in the header above your site title.


The Header menu will appear simply and tastefully at the top of the page. Your social links will appear in the footer.


There’s certainly no shortage of widget areas with Penscratch 2; the theme has four – a sidebar (optional) and three footer areas.

It’s All About the Words

If you prefer to forego the sidebar so that your readers can concentrate fully on your writing, then you can set up your pages using Penscratch 2’s ‘Full Width, No Sidebar’ template.

Pull Quotes

Pull quotes can be aligned either to the left or right of your page to enhance the viewer’s reading experience.


  • Featured images
  • Custom backgrounds
  • Custom colours
  • Custom menu
  • Classic menu
  • Social menu
  • Threaded comments
  • Author bio
  • RTL language support

Now for the Technical Bit

  • Main column width 656 pixels
  • Full size width template if used 937 pixels
  • Featured images display at 656 x 300 pixels
  • Sidebar width is 235 pixels
  • Site logo maximum width of 600 pixels and 200 pixels high
  • Three footer widget areas vary according to the amount of widgets chosen and the screen size.

Would I recommend Penscratch 2?

In a word – Yes.

I’ve tried it out on my test site and I love the clear simplicity of Penscratch 2. Why don’t you try it for yourself? It really is a great free WordPress theme for writers.

Or why not read my reviews of other WordPress themes by clicking on the Blogging heading.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. 🙂 I will admit, that Penscratch 2 has beautiful-looking fonts (I used it for a few months).

    However, the most readable fonts on a WordPress theme is Independent Publisher 2; it is one of the most clean-looking themes that WordPress ever featured.

    Do have yourself a wonderful weekend!

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