Best Eco Refills for Liquid Soap Dispenser Bottles

I always try to use bar soap as I consider it to better for the environment (see Best Vegan Soap Bars) . However, in the current climate, it may be safer and more hygienic to use pump action liquid soap in certain circumstances as a precaution against the spread of Covid-19.

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Recycling label plastic no. 7

Pump action liquid soap bottles are a challenge to recycle – however, all is not lost – I recently purchased a liquid soap refill which claims to use 75% less plastic packaging (and 85% less plastic if you buy a bigger size). The packs will also have a smaller carbon footprint than plastic bottles but check that your local authority recycles them.

liquid handwash refill with 75% less plastic eco pack label

Here are some examples of the best handwash refills to try:

Purely Pampering Ricarica Sapone Liquid Pouch 500 ml
Carex Complete Original Hand Wash

L’Occitane Liquid Hand Soap – Lavender Refill 500ml
Tork 420901 Liquid Soap S1 / Premium Luxury Soft Hand Wash Compatible with Tork S1 Liquid Soap System / 1 x 1000ml

So, instead of buying a new plastic bottle of handwash each time you visit the supermarket, save your bottles to refill with some eco friendly soap refills and, whilst you’re perusing these, you might like to see if you can swap your plastic toothbrush for one that’s kinder to the environment.

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