Washing Day Blues

My Rotary Line Bites the Dust

Yes, my rotary line, in situ since 2019, finally keeled over at the weekend. Well, to be fair, it had been leaning at an angle greater than Pisa for about 9 months. Shored up with the odd stone, slivers of wood and some well placed bricks, it rocked gently from side to side whenever a tired butterfly or moth decided to use it as a resting place.

Last Sunday was a great drying day for October in England: actually warm and sunny with a bit of a breeze. As the preceding few days had been rainy I did a full load of whites and followed that up with a few extra items on a quick wash. Pegged them out – the line creaked and seemed to be leaning ominously but still all seemed OK. After lunch I went out in the garden and to my dismay, the line had fallen right over and was lying on the ground – with my washing still pegged.

Unpegged the washing and tried to right the line but it had rusted right through – added to that it wouldn’t close so now I have a metal sculpture in my garden. Well, I suppose it’s a talking point.

Photo by Sera on Pexels.com

Managed to get the ground spike out of the lawn and that was pretty rusty as well.

Staggered in with a washing basket full of damp items to consider my next move. I hung the damp washing draped on my indoor airer and when this became full, I draped the remaining items over the cold radiators, chair backs and tables.

Life without a washing line loomed before me.


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