Book Review: Waterproof by Chris Crowther

  • Paperback
  • 188 pages
  • Published 2007 by Barnwell Print
  • ISBN: 9780903094238

They Say:

Patrolling the Norfolk Broads as a Navigation Ranger is, to ex-Scotland Yard detective Jack Fellows, the perfect job.

That’s until the cold hand of violent death touches even this idyllic corner of East Anglia. Murder on the Broads is rarer than a bittern, but the police soon have their man. Or have they? Jack is sure they’ve got it wrong and sets out to prove it. Amongst the tranquillity of this unique setting he discovers a simmering cauldron of bitterness and deceit with suspects aplenty.

Relationships, livelihoods and reputations are in jeopardy, but whose will be sacrificed as he pursues the truth?

Book preface

I Say:

I had low expectations of this book which my sister won in a raffle and passed on to me. What is the phrase? ‘Expect nothing and you’ll never be disappointed’? Well, I was NOT disappointed; in fact, I was pleasantly surprised, by the engaging storytelling and twisting plot.

Anyone who has holidayed on or knows the beautiful Norfolk Broads, an area of outstanding natural beauty, will be drawn to this book. The descriptions of the stillness and serenity of the broads and the wildlife that inhabits that area makes me want to visit there once again.

This would be a great TV series! The Norfolk Broads could easily be the next Midsomer and Jack Fellows could be the new Inspector Barnaby! (Although, hold on before you weigh anchor, as the increased tourism would spoil the Broads.)

A very enjoyable read. I read a lot of crime books but I didn’t spot the murderer! Click to get your own copy of Waterproof

Fortunately for me, my sister won a whole set of Jack Fellows books by Chris Crowther, so I will soon be embarking on the next in the series and be back sailing on the Still Waters of the Norfolk Broads.

My Rating: 7/10

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