What really happens to your plastic recycling?

A post well worth reading from Wibble ….


Many of us spend time carefully sorting our recycling. But what actually happens to the plastic waste we put out for collection? Greenpeace UK enlightened me on this subject a short while ago. There’s no WordPress ‘reblog’ button on their site, so, after checking with them it was OK to recycle their words, I had to do it the old-fashioned way….

Take action on plastic pollution

Tell Boris Johnson:
Fix the UK’s plastic waste crisis – stop dumping our plastic waste on other countries; cut the UK’s single use plastic by 50% by 2025; and roll out a Bottle Return Scheme.

(The original page that I copied this from has a widget, at its foot, that invites you to sign the Greenpeace UK petition to the UK’s Prime Minister — I don’t know why it’s at the foot of the page, it’s easily missed there; in fact, I had missed…

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