Why the Konmari Book Tidying Method Doesn’t Work

Le Grand Art

Why Not Put It To The Test

OK, let’s test the Konmari method of book tidying out.

The Method Goes Something Like This

  • Go to your bookcase.
  • Take a book out
  • Hold it
  • Consider it
  • Does it spark joy?
  • No?
  • Chuck it
  • Job done
  • Eat cake

Yeah, yeah, I made that last step up.

Flaws in Method

Bookcase? Yes, you’ve got a few of those but, Marie, does this include overflowing heaps of books on the floor, on tables, on bedside cabinets, in the bathroom, in the kitchen?

Take a book. You can do that easily, You can take many, many books.

Hold it. Yes, you can do that, but Marie, Marie – this is where it all starts to unravel, girl.

You cannot hold a book really without having a good look at the cover, reading the title, maybe turning it over and reading the synopsis on the back…

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